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The Christmas Coupe

By Christy LaShea


Susannah Sheridan isn’t like most women. The twenty-one-year-old would rather tinker with an engine than shop for frilly dresses. The only thing she’s looking forward to this Christmas is seeing her brother win the short track race on Christmas day. But when her brother is injured, his opportunity to drive is snatched away.

Smooth-talking race promoter, Terry Boone, encourages Susannah to follow her dreams, despite her family’s arguments, and drive in the Christmas race.

Detective Nick Mackenzie is determined to stop the criminal actions of the shady race promoter before Boone slips out of town with race winnings. But when Susannah decides to race, it places her in the middle of Nick’s dangerous plan to bring Boone to justice. Nick cares deeply for Susannah, but he’s never let her know. The more they work together in preparing for the Christmas race, keeping Susannah safe becomes top priority. Nick initiates a plan that involves a fake engagement, and keeps his plans of arresting Boone a secret. But when Susannah learns Nick hasn’t been honest with her, will Nick lose his chance to catch the crook and convince Susannah to become his wife?


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