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A Cowboy’s Promise

By Christy LaShea


Daniel Avery has worked tirelessly to continue the legacy of the Avery Farm, and
Cattle Ranch started by his grandparents. He's known as a shrewd businessman,
but his home office is the complete opposite. And with his sometimes irritable
attitude, anyone would have to be desperate to work as his office assistant.
Jessa Ryan happens to be desperate. Discarded by her abusive ex-boyfriend, Jessa's
confidence is at an all-time low. As the foreman's daughter, she grew up on the
Avery Ranch. But, when she got older, she decided farming wasn't her thing. She'd
rather paint the landscape than drive a tractor over it. Harboring a secret, Jessa has
dropped out of nursing school and returned home to pursue her artistic dreams.
Working as Daniel Avery's office assistant is as appealing as the sound of
fingernails scraping a chalkboard, but Jessa lacks choices, money, and time.
Disfigured by a fire when he was twelve, memories of his abusive parents haunt
Daniel. He feels he owes his life to his foreman, Buck, who saved him from the
fire, but Daniel believes he's too much like his father to marry or have children.
Sparks fly between Jessa and Daniel from day one, but soon her secret is revealed.
When her safety is threatened, Daniel realizes he'll go to any length to protect those
he loves. Suddenly, the lifestyle he once rejected is the path he's fighting to secure.
He's scared of rejection, but he's more afraid of losing Jessa.
Though Daniel offers everything she needs, Jessa fears Daniel's motives for being
with her are all wrong. Will Daniel leave her when life gets hard? Or is he a
cowboy devoted to keeping his promises?


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