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Purgatory, A Progeny's Quest

By T. M. Brown


WHEN THEO AND LIDDY retired to the small Georgia town of Shiloh, they
expected a quieter life, but then Theo became the investigative reporter for
the local Sentinel and discovered that small towns can be just as dangerous as big
cities for people devoted to seeking the truth. Having narrowly escaped a brush with
death, in Purgatory Theo tackles what he hopes will be an easier investigation: helping
the orphaned Pepper trace her murderous mother’s past. But when an armored limousine
purchased by Theo’s friend and neighbor Zeb brings another spate of shady
characters to Shiloh, Theo finds himself in the middle of another high-pressure plot,
building to an explosive conclusion at the town’s Independence Day celebrations.

Book Takeaway:

Fatherhood is more than fathering a child. Purgatory is what we go through in life not after death. Family is worth pursuing to find peace in our souls.

Why the author wrote this book:

Purgatory offers the third and final novel in the Shiloh Mystery Series. With its own gripping story, Purgatory brings forward the lives of key characters in Shiloh that have played a key role in the lives of Theo and Liddy Phillips since they first arrived in Shiloh. Readers of all three novels will smile when they finish Purgatory.


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