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Fateful Fall

By Erin Unger


Private Investigator Ava Worthington and her partners head to the mountains to solve the death of a farmer's son. Without local cowboy Cory Mortel's protection, Ava won't get the chance to follow leads as the killer tries to stop her investigation. But Cory seems reluctant to get involved.

Cory Mortel has retreated to the seclusion of the mountains after a personal disaster. The last thing he needs is to babysit a beautiful amateur detective and her friends. But Ava seems to attract danger, so Cory has no choice but to step in and protect her.

One suspect after another is cleared from Ava's list until she's sure she has the real killer targeted in her sights, but he's hunting her, too--a dangerous fact when she's distracted by her growing feelings for the handsome cowboy who's there every time she needs him.

How will Ava and Cory find the killer and admit their love before they are buried under a mountain of secrets?

Book Takeaway:

The main character struggles with self-worth. By the end of the story, she realizes that her worth must be found in God.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to explore a friend group who worked together to help others.


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