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Summer Flash Burn

By Erin Unger


orthington Investigations is on another grisly case in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
When P.I. Shauna Pratley heads up the investigation for Christopher Newen, a rural firefighter, she wants only to solve his father's murder, not fall in love.

Christopher Newen may be used to the blazes of fire but not the heat ricocheting between him and Shauna. He needs the team's help but has no intention of letting flames ignite between him and the investigator...yet her protective nature and fun-loving personality draw him in more than he wants to admit.

How will they work together to find a killer without letting love get in the way? Will they have to admit maybe God has used the horrors of evil to bring them together for good?

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes God chooses to use bad situations to bring about good.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to write about a group of friends who worked together to help others.


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