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By Laurie Larsen


Everything was fine until the Seashore Snatcher escaped from prison.

Faithful and loyal Gloria Lockwood is facing an empty nest and loneliness for the first time in ages. After her sister's tragic death, she opened her heart and her home to her two nephews, guiding them and loving them as her sister would have wanted. But now, with the boys grown and out on their own, Gloria must start over and begin building a life of her own. When she encounters the handsome and rugged cop, Alejandro Rojas, she realizes just how much she's missed out over the past years.

Alejandro lives his life on his own -- keeping his heart to himself. His job serving and protecting keeps him busy and focused on the safety and well-being of others. However, when he meets the loving and giving Gloria, he sees a new future for himself -- one he never saw before.

But when a long-time prisoner with a vendetta against Alejandro escapes, both of their lives are on the line. Alejandro feels responsible for leading his suspect straight to Gloria. Now, Gloria's faith must be strong enough for them both. Can Gloria help Alejandro see that God is their only hope against the evil they're battling?

Book Takeaway:

Leaning on God during all times of our life -- tragedy, danger, and every day life. Also, helping non-Christians find God.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is book 5 of my Murrells Inlet Miracles series, and Seized is a direct sequel to Book 3 Crescendo (multiple award winner!) I loved Aunt Gloria while I was writing Crescendo and I enjoyed giving her her own empty nest book.


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