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Preacher Man

By Laurie Larsen


A beautiful, heartwarming Christian love story that will leave you feeling good

Regan Samuels is newly single and doing her best to raise her teenaged son in the city. She gives the adult dating world a go, but finds she'd rather trade in her stiletto heels for fuzzy slippers. Will she ever find love again, and if so, after the disaster of her first marriage, would she know what to do with true love if it ever found her?

​Josh Gregory is a pastor who longs for the loving family that his parents never provided. Because he grew up in a broken home, he's always been ultra-careful about the women he dates. Besides, in his profession, a carefree dating relationship is a bit of an oxymoron. When he wins a date with Regan at a Charity Auction, he never expects to fall in love with her. After all, she's not really preacher's wife material.

But God has a different idea.


Year Title Description
2010 EPIC Award Winner for Best Spiritual romance Attended awards ceremony in New Orleans! Exciting!

Why the author wrote this book:

My first try at an Inspirational romance, after writing 8 other secular romances, and I was hooked. Combining my faith with my love of romance novels was the writing niche where God wanted me!


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