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Autumn Rains

By Myra Johnson


Healy Ferguson knows all about prisons, both the real and the emotional kind. Paying your dues to society doesn’t always mean you’ve paid your dues to yourself, and often the price you exact on yourself far exceeds the crime.

Valerie Bishop is caught in the emotional prison of post-traumatic stress disorder, unable to venture more than a few feet out her back door. Shadowy moments from a night she can’t remember bombard her without warning, keeping her trapped between the painful past and a future seemingly without hope.

But God promises to repay the years that have been lost; for those who trust in Him, He promises refreshing, life-giving rain. Will Val and Healy trust to see God’s perfect plan, or will they choose the chains that hold them back?

Book Takeaway:

I'd like readers to grasp the length and breadth and depth of God's forgiveness--and that He is able to empower each one of us to extend that same forgiveness to those who have hurt us. God truly can set prisoners free, whatever the chains that ensnare us.


Year Title Description
2005 RWA Golden Heart Best Inspirational Romance Manuscript
2010 Carol Award finalist, Short Contemporary

Why the author wrote this book:

The idea began to percolate after my brother-in-law, a Lutheran pastor, told me the story of an ex-con who hiked all the way from the Houston bus station to my brother-in-law's church in far northwest Houston. It was the middle of a hot summer, the man had lost the combination to the bus locker where he'd stored his luggage, and needed help getting to his next destination, where he'd heard he might find a job. My brother-in-law gave him bus fare money and drove him to the station. I heard the man eventually found work and contacted the church to extend his gratitude.


"The past that has been haunting Valerie for years shows up on her doorstep. Now can she find the forgiveness and faith to step out and see if it is possible for her to love and find happiness again?"
- LisaFayeHarman on November 28, 2009

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