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Whisper Goodbye: Till We Meet Again | Book 2

By Myra Johnson


War still haunts Gilbert Ballard. Will it also steal his second chance at realizing true love? Crippled both physically and emotionally by his war injuries, First Lt. Gilbert Ballard struggles to find himself again in civilian life. A broken engagement, addiction to pain killers and gambling, and his mother’s criticisms keep him from seeking the healing he needs—and finding the love he desperately wants. Mary McClarney, a spunky Irish immigrant nurse at the Army and Navy Hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas, watches Gilbert thwart his own happiness. Though she longs for the day when Gilbert will finally let go of the past and learn to love her as she loves him, Mary realizes that the only way to open Gilbert’s heart is to whisper her goodbyes . . . and pray God will bring them back together.

Why the author wrote this book:

The hero, Gilbert Ballard, was introduced in book 1, When the Clouds Roll By, as a troubled war hero in desperate need of healing both inside and out. In this novel, Gilbert is redeemed, finding his way back to emotional and spiritual wholeness through the love of the woman who wouldn't give up on him.


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