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Beyond the Moon, Sky and Stars

By Karin McBride-Chenoweth


“You never get something for nothing.” This is a lesson that little cherub angel Gaby has yet to learn, as she wishes away her days in heaven, hoping for better wings like she sees on the other angels and a better job than just delivering messages. However, one day, her supervisor Angela tells her that her wishes have been heard and that Gaby is getting a promotion to Guardian Angel. Gaby is sent to Earth to take care of a human child, Eve. If Gaby can complete this assignment, she will get her new wings. However, Gaby soon realizes that wishing for something and obtaining it are two different things.
Gaby learns in order for Eve to accept God, she will have to give up something very precious to her...What could it be that Gaby will have to give up, and Will she have the strength of character to do this?
Beyond the Moon, Sky and Stars is broken up into easy-to-read chapters that can be read all at once or one chapter at a time as a bedtime story. 14 black and white illustrations and 1 color.


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