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Brampton Hall

By Karin McBride Chenoweth


Louisa Medcalf despairs that her twenty-year-old daughter Maria will never marry – or worse yet, that she will marry a man below the family’s ‘to the manor born’ station in English society.
However, Maria is determined not to marry just any man, regardless of his station. Her uncompromising stance that her future husband must also share her fervour for strict adherence to Christian principles is of paramount importance.
Edward Cavendish is a dangerous liaison but outwardly he is the perfect gentleman. Initially unimpressed by Maria, his attitude towards her warms somewhat when he learns she has just become an heiress to a large fortune and of Brampton Hall – a property Cavendish has been struggling to buy for years.
James Gardner is a devout Christian and a wealthy landowner. He is also besotted with Maria. However, Maria is cautious and wary of James because of her past experiences. During a ball to celebrate Maria’s 21st birthday, an unwelcome guest makes an appearance.
The unthinkable happens and Maria’s world is instantly thrown into disarray. She has trusted in God to guide her entire life, but her faith has been sorely tested.

Will she ever recover?

Or is it too late for Maria to ever find true love?


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2018 The International Review of Books Independent Review like Kirkus - 4 out of 5 Stars Awarded


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