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Laugh Clown Laugh

By Penny N Haavig


The woman hidden by the mask. The eerie voice from nowhere speaks only to Violet Pearl Moretti. Why won't it leave her alone? Violet's colorful life weaves in and out of three decades starting with crazy acts on the vaudeville stage. It's a flight from mental illness to sanity. Her scantily dressed mother wakes her up in the middle of the night. What's a twelve year old girl to do? The mask is plastered on Violet's face so nobody can see the utter turmoil in her heart. The pitfalls of dating initiate more jolts to the depths of her soul. Then, a knight without the shining armor dances into Violet's life. She's terrified to let her emotions escape. She's an outward success but an inward failure.Who is she really?

Book Takeaway:

One can walk from the darkness into the dawn

Why the author wrote this book:

This novel is based on a true story about my mother.


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