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Beauty for Ashes

By Kathleen Neely


Nathan Drummond’s actions at the age of eighteen had devastating consequences. Writing became therapeutic, leading him into a successful career as a mystery writer. With seven novels to his credit, Nathan is rapidly becoming a household name.
Family responsibilities force him to return to his home town , pushing him too close to painful memories. Although he’d intended the living situation to be temporary, Nathan didn’t count on falling in love.
As guilt threatens a return of panic attacks, Nathan begins to write a novel paralleling the tragic event from his youthful folly. Will the novel be seen as a work of fiction, or will it expose his secret?

Book Takeaway:

Actions have consequences beyond those that are visible. Secrets can be more crippling than facing the truth. There's no peace in keeping secrets.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book exemplifies the pain of guilt and the freedom of forgiveness. It shows grace where none is deserved.


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