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The Making of Mrs Hale

By Carolyn Miller


Can a runaway marriage be redeemed?
Marry in haste, repent in leisure—Mrs. Hale is about to find out how painful that repentance can truly be. Julia Hale ran off to be married in Gretna Green, following romance instead of common sense.

But her tale isn't turning into a happily ever after. Her new husband is gone and she doesn't know where—or if he's ever coming back. Julia has no option but to head home to the family she betrayed by eloping and to hope they'll forgive her.

Along the way she will learn how relationship with God can bring restoration and hope, and find the answers she needs both for her husband and her future.

Book Takeaway:

That those who are lost can come home

Why the author wrote this book:

I've always wondered about elopements and what happened next. In Regency times, such a thing would be considered extremely scandalous, so I wanted to explore if - how - a couple can find acceptance, and find God.


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