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By Gayla K. Hiss


Will Rachael and Dylan escape the fire’s fury, or perish in the flames?

Sparks fly when wildfire researcher Rachael Woodston clashes with firefighter Dylan Veracruz in Rocky Mountain National Park. The June fire season has just begun, yet a long-standing drought has already turned the park into a tinderbox. Rachael’s computer data indicates the fire Dylan’s crew is fighting is about to accelerate, but he doesn’t believe her—until the fire suddenly gets out of control and they have to evacuate.

Suspecting arson, Rachael and Dylan join forces in search of answers and soon discover that chasing fires isn’t all they have in common—they’re both survivors of deep loss. However, their difference of opinion about faith keeps them at arm’s length, despite a growing attraction. As the danger escalates, Rachael and Dylan soon find themselves in a firestorm they cannot escape. All seems lost until Rachael has a profound encounter that restores her faith and gives her hope. The close call also fuels her determination to stop the fiend behind the flames. But can she and Dylan solve the mystery and extinguish their enemy before disaster strikes again?

Book Takeaway:

Science and faith are not mutually exclusive.

Why the author wrote this book:

WILDFIRE is Book 3 in my Peril in the Park series and picks up with Dylan Veracruz, who was a juvenile delinquent in book 1, AVALANCHE. Now he's a firefighter in Rocky Mountain National Park. I've seen the devastation wildfires can bring to national parks like Great Smoky Mountains and Glacier, and it's raised my awareness of the important role fire managers and firefighters perform by managing wildfires and helping to preserve our national parks. That combined with the underlying theme from the third chapter in the Book of Daniel inspired me to write this story.


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