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Dangerous Ground

By Gayla K. Hiss


It started with an anonymous note, but will it end in disaster?

Uncle Owen had died mysteriously, and Deputy Marshal Kate Phillips wants to know why. After arriving at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in search of answers, Kate finds herself at the center of an ancient family feud and a land dispute. It turns out a surprising number of people have an interest in her uncle’s estate. Even David Jennings, Kate’s handsome Good Samaritan who rescued her when she arrived, thinks he has a claim on Owen’s property—which some say is cursed.

Amid the mounting secrets and rumors circulating in the seemingly peaceful community, Kate has a secret of her own—one that could threaten her life and any future she might have with David. It soon becomes clear someone is targeting her. Could Kate’s troubled past have come back to haunt her, or have the clues she’s uncovered about her uncle’s suspicious death put her life in danger? To solve the mystery, Kate needs David’s help. But can they pull together before time runs out? Or will they become the next victims when it all explodes?

Book Takeaway:

In Christ, we are never alone.

Why the author wrote this book:

Dangerous Ground is book 2 in my Peril in the Park series. In the first book, Avalanche, the young female deputy marshal, Kate Phillips, is introduced. Her story of living on the streets when she was a youth and being taken in by her Christian foster parents was so compelling, I made her the heroine in Dangerous Ground to share more of her faith journey and how it had impacted her life. The plight of the homeless is an underlying theme in the story.


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