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Restoration of the Heart

By June Foster


Though a Christian, Luke Chamberlain ignored his values and indulged in his beautiful fiancé's world of alcohol, parties, and nights at her apartment. After rededicating his life to the Lord, he vows never to fall into the lifestyle again. When the state of Idaho's Tourism Department offers his construction company the contract to renovate Silver Cliff, an 1890's silver mining ghost town, he accepts.
Janie Littleton studied history in college because life in the past is simpler than the uncomfortable reality of the present. With her extra pounds, eye glasses, and mousy brown hair, no man would find her attractive. When she's offered the job of project historian at the restoration of Silver Cliff, she accepts. But as Luke Chamberlain shows an interest in her, she doubts his sincerity. To make matters worse, someone claiming to be the miner who founded Silver Cliff in 1890 intimidates her with frightening midnight visits.
Can Luke convince Janie he's in love with the godly woman she is? Can Janie hold onto her faith as she's harassed by frightening appearances of old Ezra Barclay who died a hundred years ago?

Book Takeaway:

True love between a man and a woman is founded on respect, a selfless heart, and putting the other person first.

Why the author wrote this book:

Though intelligent and successful in her college career, Janie Littleton sees herself as unattractive because of her glasses, mousy brown hair, and paunchy middle. She loves the Lord and wants to serve Him, but feels no man would ever want a relationship with her. My purpose is to show that God doesn't look on the outside but the inside of his children. Beauty is fleeting but inner beauty lasts a lifetime.


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