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Imperfect Wings (Book 1 of the Imperfect Series)

By Elizabeth Noyes


Evil stalks TJ McKendrick. Three years after burying her father, TJ visits Honduras where she witnesses a murder and is forced to flee.

The last thing Garrett Cameron needs is another woman interrupting his life, but when the feisty redhead who blew his mission turns up at his ranch running for her life -- what's a man to do?

As attraction ignites between TJ and Garrett, she lets go of past betrayals and allows him to protect her. He's lived a life of violence. Love isn't for someone like him. Can they find common ground and work together to overcome the deadly odds they face?

Book Takeaway:

No one is perfect. Everyone faces difficult choices. Everyone has flaws and vulnerabilities. And everyone struggles with right and wrong. Even Christians.


Year Title Description
2014 Imperfect Lies by Elizabeth Noyes 2nd Place CAT V Writers on the Storm Writing Contest

Why the author wrote this book:

I write to show the world, both believers and non-believers, how a Christian family can live in today's world without compromising their morals and beliefs.


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