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Imperfect Lies (Book 4 of the Imperfect Series)

By Elizabeth Noyes


In rural Idaho, life is sweet ... until it isn't.

Dreams aren't guaranteed and when another woman emerges from the past to claim Mallory Cameron's happily ever after, she cuts her losses and sets out to find a headline-worthy story to launch her journalism career. She embarks on a whirlwind journey that takes her across the United States, to the blue-green waters of the Caribbean, on to sunny Mexico, and deep into the dangerous parts of African where terror reigns.

Secrets never stay hidden.

James Evers turned his back on a life of power and privilege to carve a place in the world for himself. Now that he's finally discovered his niche as a small-town sheriff and found the woman he wants in his future, a past indiscretion struts in on high heels and sends his newfound love fleeing headlong into peril. His mission: neutralize old enemies, defuse new threats, resolve past mistakes, settle family disputes, and—most importantly—find and rescue his woman from terrorists before the unthinkable happens.

Book Takeaway:

Everyone is tested in ways that will prove we are stronger than we think we are, and that despite the odds, hope survives.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to help shed light on the growing phenonmenon of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), both among our veterans and victims of violent crime.


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