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The Samaritan's Quest (Intrepid Men of God) (Volume 1)

By Katheryn Maddox Haddad


Zarus owns a copper mine in the Arabian Desert in the first century. He spends 45 years on a quest to figure out what life is all about. He endures false imprisonment in Samaria; goes through indenturement, a mine collapse, a brutal sand storm, and an earth quake in the desert near Arabia; and kidnapping in a far-away country. What is all the exhilaration and heartache for? This biblical historical novel is full of suspense, romance, and adventure as Zarus and the love of his life, Jewish Devorah, live through most of Jesus’ parables, sacrificing, persisting, surviving, and finally being united in Him. The surprise ending will take your breath away. Hint: It has something to do with a pearl. This is first in the novel series INTREPID MEN OF GOD.

Book Takeaway:

No matter what happens in life, "keep hope alive". There's more to life than the here and now.

Why the author wrote this book:

What would it be like for one man to live all of Jesus' parables? Lazarus did. It is amazing how they all work together.


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