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Luke: Slave & Physician (Intrepid Men of God) (Volume 3)

By Katheryn Maddox Haddad


Luke is a part of the spoils of war after the famous Roman Battle of Baduhenna Wood of AD 28. With no sight of Luke’s Nordic warrior father, Most Excellent Theophilus, knighted Roman tribune, takes Luke as his slave to be trained as his scribe and private physician. As Theophilus is transferred to fortresses throughout Germanica, Luke sings his father’s haunting song, hoping to find him some day. Along the way, he is betrothed to the beautiful Rashah. With Theophilus finally going into semi-retirement in Berea, Luke gains permission to climb nearby Mount Olympus to talk to the gods. His anger grows hot when he realizes they are not there and may not even exist. Soon after, Luke goes to Troas and meets the Apostle Paul. Now as a Christian and having been given his freedom, he spends the next decade traveling with Paul and treating his many injuries. Theophilus becomes a Christian, and Luke promises to write for him an accurate accounting of Jesus’ life. Upon Paul’s death, Luke sets out to find and interview eye witnesses to Jesus' miracles and teachings, and Jesus’ apostles, now scattered around the world. Come read of Luke and what might have been. (There are discussion questions in the back of the book for book clubs and discussion groups.)

Book Takeaway:

Never forget the dream of your youth. It's never too late.

Why the author wrote this book:

Physicians in Roman times were always slaves. Further, if he was converted by Paul, what was life like as a pagan? Did he really base his writings only on the testimony of Paul? What was life really like for Luke?


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