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Czechmate (International Mission Force) (Volume 1)

By Felicia Bridges


Nicole Wise loves her new life in Prague almost as much as she loves telling people about Jesus. But when an election upset changes the balance of power in the formerly communist country, Nicole’s outspoken attempts at evangelism lead to her parents’ arrest on espionage charges. Teaming up with Jakub, a handsome, young Romani Czech, who has grown up homeless, Nicole and her little brother, Adam, evade corrupt authorities by hiding out in underground tunnels of the ancient city while hoping to find evidence of their parents’ innocence. Their last resort is to make the proof public in a desperate bid to save them before it’s too late. When Nicole and Adam’s parents are caught in a standoff between political forces that threaten to erupt into a bloody civil war, Nicole finds herself standing alone against an army, faith her only defense.

Book Takeaway:

With God, nothing shall be impossible.


Year Title Description
2012 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Unpublished Authors Awards 2nd Place for YA Fiction

Why the author wrote this book:

After returning from my first mission trip to Prague with my 12-year-old daughter, I searched for novels to quench her hunger for life on the mission field, but all I found were dusty biographies from a century ago. I envisioned a series of exciting, adventurous novels set in exotic locations, from a biblical worldview, with the culture, history and folklore of the setting woven into the story. CzechMate is the first of this International Mission Force series.


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