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Dark Hearted (COIL Series) (Volume 2)

By D. I. Telbat


In DARK HEARTED, Book Two in The COIL Series, the saga continues from Dark Liaison, Book One, and suspense heightens as COIL strives to preserve God’s people while searching for abducted operatives, only to uncover an evil plot in Europe.

The Commission of International Laborers' mission is interrupted, and they are again targeted by a dark enemy bent on hatred and racism. COIL founder Corban Dowler musters all his resources to help in his quest, and prays they can stop the evil intentions of the one they know as Abaddon.

A biochemical weapon is about to change the world, and COIL may be the catalyst—unless their brazen courage and boldness in Christ can change the tide. Where death seems inevitable, Dowler's agents carry God's love and determination into the midst of darkness, defying odds, yet trusting God.

In this international thriller, Corban leads the COIL team through a maze of intrigue and persecution, joy and sorrow, love and death—from a grim forest in Europe, to a blistering desert in Africa. Though killing is not COIL's way, the dark-hearted one has no such qualms...

Book Takeaway:

I pray that readers' faith in Christ will be strengthened through the truth in this novel. I also hope readers will learn about ministries that support the persecuted.


Year Title Description
2016 Redemptive Fiction Award of Excellence Awarding authors who advance the Kingdom with their fiction and share a Christian worldview.

Why the author wrote this book:

How Dark Hearted, Book Two in The COIL Series, came about:

Though the famous Louis L'Amour inspired me to write novels, Robert Ludlum inspired me to write my first espionage.

My initial manuscript took only a few weeks once my research was complete. But it seemed too short at only two hundred and some pages. So I tied in a whole second conflict with the same villain from part I to make the novel longer. Inside two months of hand-cramped scribbling (since I always write my first drafts by hand), I had close to six hundred pages of international spy action.

However, my editor took one look at it and said it was too long for the current market and for a first book. She suggested I cut it in half to make two novels rather than chop the content to a shorter length. Thus, the first two novels of The COIL Series, Dark Liaison and Dark Hearted, were born.

It's a lot of work to write a novel, but very rewarding when I hear that readers enjoy and are moved by the work of my hands and heart.


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