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Dark Vessel (The COIL Series) (Volume 4)

By D. I. Telbat


D.I. Telbat continues The COIL Series suspense in Dark Vessel, Book Four, when COIL founder Corban Dowler is forced underground after he is the target of a car bomb. His covert investigation begins on the streets of Manhattan when his Muhammad ibn Affal alias is compromised. But the knot of darkness he hopes to untangle is more sinister than he imagined. Italian spook, Luigi Putelli, rises to the COIL challenge, and attempts to stand vigil in Corban's absence. Luigi scours the world to help those in need—even when his past threatens to stop him. From New Jersey, to Bangladesh, to Nigeria, Luigi is determined to serve Corban's God. The web of deceit grows complicated as a government agency goes rogue to cover up a deadly secret. Chloe Azmaveth, ex-Mossad agent, hunts down every clue she can find to locate Corban. But the deeper her search, the more her hope wanes, until it seems Corban Dowler is beyond saving. Join COIL in Dark Vessel, Book Four in The COIL Series, as it rallies its best agents for a battle against darkness from the streets of New York to the tropics of the Caribbean. With wicked forces at work, and the Dark Vessel raising his evil head, we learn that…there is no redemption without sacrifice. Dark Vessel, with cover design by Streetlight Graphics, includes three map diagrams and endnotes about Gospel for Asia, a ministry that serves persecuted Christians. To learn more about the eBook and audio versions, visit Dark Zeal, COIL Book Five, follows Dark Vessel, and will be available soon in print.

Book Takeaway:

God has a purpose and a plan for each person. Our time and energy spent with unsaved people will not go without reward from God. God is in control at all times.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to show the bond between Corban and Luigi, and the influence a man of God can have on an unregenerate, hardened man as is Luigi. Also, I wanted to show Luigi's strong loyalty toward Corban, as well as some of Luigi's journey toward meeting his Savior.


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