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Joline's Redemption (Land Rush Dreams)

By Vickie McDonough


Joline had lofty dreams of love and luxury, but after her husband leaves her and she makes a series of fateful decisions, Jo has fallen as far as any woman can. Bereft of all hope and with the threat of losing her son, Jo seeks refuge at her sister’s home. Jo has a long list of secrets to keep and has to look over her shoulder, as the man she’s running from may show up anywhere, anytime. Is it possible that God can redeem Jo, and give her hope for a happy future? Find out in Joline’s Redemption—book 2 in Vickie McDonough’s Land Rush Dreams trilogy.

Book Takeaway:

God's love covers all.

Why the author wrote this book:

Jo was a rebellious sixteen-year-old teenager in Gabriel's Atonement. It was only fair to show readers how her bad choices lead her into a life with problems. But I also wanted to show readers that no matter how far you've fallen, God is always willing to forgive you.


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