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Long Trail Home

By Vickie McDonough


A weary soldier returns from the War Between the States to discover his parents dead, his family farm in shambles, and his fiancée married. Riley Morgan takes a job at the Wilcox School for Blind Children and tries to make peace with God and himself. When a pretty, blind woman who cares for the children reaches through his scarred walls and touches his heart, he begins to find renewed faith and hope for the future. But when he discovers Annie feigned her blindness just to have a home, will his anger and hurt drive him away and ruin all chances for a future filled with love, faith, and family?

Book Takeaway:

Things can look hopeless, but they aren't when God is in the picture.


Year Title Description
2012 Booksellers' Best Awards Winner of Inspirational category

Why the author wrote this book:

I was given the opportunity to propose a series with two other authors and liked the idea. We wanted our books to feature elements of Texas history, and when researching, I discovered a blind-deaf school that was in Austin in the mid-1800s. That interested me, so I plotted out a story using a fictional blind school. Since my book is set right after the Civil War, I knew my hero would be a returning soldier.


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