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Copenhagen Cozenage

By Kristen Joy Wilks


Morgan Ravn arrives in Denmark seeking clues about her mysterious heritage. What she finds is a flirtatious stranger who regales her with a story about a jewel thief from 1958 and then abandons her with a large unruly dog.

Can Morgan locate the irresponsible pet owner before his monstrous canine drags her through every puddle in Copenhagen and sheds all over her last dress? And why are strangers dogging her every step, snapping photos? Is the shutter happy behavior a bizarre Danish custom or something more sinister?

Book Takeaway:

Morgan must navigate a foreign city with a large dog in tow all while attempting to come to grips with her mysterious past and feelings of abandonment. Is God there when our lives don't make sense and a dream vacation turns into a slobbery, hairy mess that might even include actual kidnappers?


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