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Athens Ambuscade

By Kristen Joy Wilks


What happens when a strapped-for-cash bridal designer needs a stuffed animal...and fast?Up-and-coming bridal designer, Jacqueline Gianakos must fly a Montana taxidermist to Greece in order to stuff her Grandmother's cat. If Chrysanthemum isn't preserved within two days' time, Jacqueline will lose the home that was her childhood sanctuary. But will she survive the next 48 hours when the taxidermist ignores her pointed request and then shows up wearing flannel?

Book Takeaway:

Just as something creeps you out about a stuffed cat that isn't really the same as your formerly living pet, there is something not right about a Christian who only looks good on the outside. God wants the real thing.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to delight and entertain. I wanted to make readers laugh and think and see The Lord in a new way.


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