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The Bride Wore Blue

By Mona Hodgson


At last, the sisters are reunited! The youngest Sinclair, the family "baby," is moving from Maine to Cripple Creek, Colorado, and joining Kat, Nell, and Ida. But Vivian is a young woman with a will of her own, and decisions she made back in Portland have begun to haunt her. Will she be able to live up to the expectations of her three perfect and now happily-setted sisters?

The sisters warmly welcome Vivian to the mountain west, but hte wild-and-woolly mining town isn't ripe with opportunities for a respectable young woman. The youngest Sinclair sisters is determined to make her own way, so when she's offered a job as a hostess in a sporting house, she takes it, thinking the position is appropriate for a tained, unloveable woman. Although she's convinced she'll never be asked to entertain privately, Vivian keeps her employment a secret from her sisters, knowing they'd be mortified--as would Carter Alwyn, the kind and godly sheriff's deputy who's sweet on her.

Vivian is descending into a life of secrets, lying to the very people who love her and could help her heal from her mistakes. Will an outpouring of grace remind her that she is still Go'd bloved and that her past can be washed as clean as fresh Rocky Mountain snow?

Book Takeaway:

God doesn't measure one sin worse than another. People do that. In God's eyes sin is sin, and forgivable because of Jesus' shed blood.

Why the author wrote this book:

So women burdened by guilt and shame would see God's big heart of love for them.


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