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Tomorrow's Sun

By Becky Melby


Faith Reaches across the Centuries

Her fractures have mended, her scars faded, but Emily Foster can’t move on until she makes restitution for a past mistake. Flipping houses seems like the path to her goal. Yet, instead of finding a door to the future, the 1840s house she plans to remodel opens windows to the past.

Contractor Jake Braden hates Emily’s plan to modernize the old house, but the cost of fighting for guardianship of his late sister’s twelve-year-old twins forces him to take the job anyway. When a hidden door and faded love letters connect the house with the Underground Railroad, he and Emily embark on a mission to uncover the fate of young lovers.

As Emily and Jake unravel the long-forgotten love story, words of faith in the face of fear inspire, convict, and draw them to each other. . .but will they be prepared when faced with the greatest test yet?

Book Takeaway:

God does not require us to work for forgiveness. Restitution may be necessary, but not for forgiveness.

Why the author wrote this book:

The idea sparked while my husband and I had lunch at Chances, a restaurant not far from our home which local legend claims was involved in the Underground Railroad. As I read the history of the building on the menu the muse started dancing and I just knew there was a story there. I love seeing how the present mirrors the past, so I chose to write a contemporary book with a parallel historical story.


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