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Pushing up Daisies

By Janice Hanna Thompson


Annie Peterson is beginning to feel like a perennial Mother of the Bride. . .

She’s just married off her oldest daughter but still has another ceremony/reception to plan for Brandy’s twin sister, Candy.
When Annie and her daughter visit the Clarksborough, Pennsylvania, florist shop, Flowers by Fiona, to order Gerber daisies for the big day, Annie’s dachshund, Sasha, somehow escapes from the car. Sasha ends up in the floral delivery truck with young driver Justin Bastrop, en route to a delivery. Ironically, Justin stumbles into a crime scene at the local funeral home— complete with one too many dead bodies. The funeral director, Eddie Moyer, is D.O.A. and Sasha is missing. Possibly for good.
Who is behind the funeral home murder? Is the local florist, Fiona Sullivan, somehow involved? Or could it be the delivery driver, Justin? After all, he’s been angry at Eddie Moyer for years, ever since the old guy fired him while he was in his teens. Then again, there is that matter of the disgruntled family member to consider. Roger Kratz has held a grudge against Eddie Moyer for weeks, feeling he was overcharged for his wife’s funeral service.
Annie dives into the investigation full steam ahead, hoping to solve the crime. Will she solve this riddle in time for her daughter’s ceremony? And, will Sasha arrive home safely?


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