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Texas Weddings

By Janice Thompson


Contemporary Romance: Three generations of Texan women find that the hardships of life sometimes get in the way of love. When Laura Chapman's husband of twenty years dies, she returns to college and finds a handsome professor who might just steal her heart. Jessica Chapman is looking forward to a happily-ever-after marriage with her fiancé, but what happens if the two don't agree on every detail and handsome and tenderhearted Colin Phillips swoops in and captures her heart? Kellie and Nathan Fischer seem to have it all, but what happens when a family tragedy tears the two apart?

Book Takeaway:

Everything. . .including love. . .is bigger in Texas!

Why the author wrote this book:

This is my first three-in-one from Barbour Publishing, merging three Heartsongs: A Class of Her Own, A Chorus of One AND Banking on Love


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