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Donald A. Bemis

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Don Bemis was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico, and graduated from New Mexico State University. He met and married Lois while in college. In 1979, they packed up their belongings, two kids, and a pair of cats, and moved to Michigan.

"Heavens to Louie", his first book, originated as a crazy dream in 2005. He made it into a short story the next day. Lois said, “Okay, now turn it into a book.” Don had just been downsized from work and had plenty of time. It was a lovely excuse to do what he had always enjoyed. The book was published in 2007. Then he was rehired but had caught the writing bug. "Count Otto’s Dragon" was published in 2009, followed by "Mary in Transit" in 2010.

Don has worked in engineering nearly all of his adult life. He also has been a miner, substitute teacher, and handyman. He is on the South Haven, Michigan, City Council, and he plays clarinet in church and community bands. He and Lois have five adult children and a growing population of grandchildren.

Books by Author

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Mary in Transit

What was Mary really like? Ask Rivka the gossip. She’ll happily tell you, even if she doesn’t know. Poor Zechariah! Fifty years old, his wife is expecting, and a pregnant teenager has moved in. How does he get a word in edgewise? He doesn’t. That’s what you get for arguing with an angel. What…

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Count Otto's Dragon

What Count Otto wouldn't give right now for a good moat monster! It's no wonder Count Otto didn't want to get out of bed this morning. A blight has affected his crops, his kitchen staff's just been poisoned, and all the Counts of the area will gather soon at his castle for a feast. Worse, there's a…

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Heavens to Louie

Louie is really good at dreaming up bad ideas. You know the type: the person you think really needs God's help, but you don't know what to do with him when he shows up at church. When Louie accidentally sabotages a Christmas pageant, he decides he needs to shape up. But every effort only creates more…

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