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Heavens to Louie

By Donald A. Bemis


Louie is really good at dreaming up bad ideas.

You know the type: the person you think really needs God's help, but you don't know what to do with him when he shows up at church.

When Louie accidentally sabotages a Christmas pageant, he decides he needs to shape up. But every effort only creates more chaos. Is it possible for a guy like Louie to change?

Stop by Floyd’s Fountain for bad coffee and worse food. Stay long enough to meet Louie, Bob, Miss Phelps, Percy the Motorcycle Bum, and the others. And discover why there’s a place even for the Louies of the world.

"Charmingly homespun, hysterical, and poignant... with just a touch of romance too."

Book Takeaway:

We can't change ourselves. God uses unlikely vessels for His purposes.

Why the author wrote this book:

I had a dream.

It was around Thanksgiving 2005. I dreamed I had somehow been dragooned into an outdoor Nativity play as an angel, and I got wrapped around a tree. The following morning, I turned the dream into a short story and read it to my family. My wife Lois said, "Now you have to turn it into a book.." She knew I enjoyed writing.

I had no idea where the thing was going as I wrote snippets and little tales, but eventually it began to take shape. It was fun to have the wrong people be the heroes and turn expected story lines upside down. Over time, it turned into a salvation story although that had not been my intent.

Finally I thought it was done, even though some tentative ideas had never quite fit. I decided to try one more chapter to see if anything could be done with them. That collection of near-reject ideas turned out to be the climax, tying the rest of the story together. (It's the Hamlet chapter, in case you're curious.) I cannot take credit for the product; it was the Lord's doing.

This book has been enjoyed by some people who probably would never pick up an overtly "Christian" piece of literature. Therefore it really does have purpose.


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