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Anne Greene

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Anne Greene writes historical and suspense novels. When not deployed with her husband, an Army Special Forces Colonel, she makes her home in McKinney, Texas. She has a BA degree from the University of Texas, Dallas and has four childen. When she's not writing, Anne loves to travel and has been in twenty-four countries as well as every US state, except Alaska. When she was twenty-one, Tim LaHaye led her to the Lord. She sings in two choirs in her home church where Chuck Swindoll pastors. She writes to transport the reader into different worlds and to touch the reader's heart. To find out more about Anne, visit her website at

Books by Author

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Texas Law

TEXAS LAW – Part of the Pinkerton Detective Series 1879 – San Antonio, Texas. Stagecoach robbers steal the mortgage money from Cat Devine, the rancher’s daughter. Cat’s father hires a Pinkerton detective to restore the money and protect his daughter from the disfigured desperado who threatens…

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A Crazy OPtimist

A CRAZY OPTIMIST This Romantic Comedy stars a Crazy Optimist who owns a Pet Taxidermy shop and supplements her income by becoming a Professional Maid Of Honor. Sparkle January recently moved to New York City. She finds a best friend in Nick Patrizio, whose Harvey’s On The Harbor restaurant is around…

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Her Reluctant Hero

HER RELUCTANT HERO A dream shattered – a love jilted – a heart broken. People change. Is there a second chance for love above the clouds? It’s the swinging sixties. An ex-fiancé flies back into a stewardess’s life. He dumped her once. But this war veteran knows what he wants now. Torn between…

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Mystery At Dead Broke Ranch

MYSTERY AT DEAD BROKE RANCH Can a woman with permanence and family stamped on her forehead find the courage to love a footloose, but irresistible, murder suspect? THE DREAM After Ashley Sinclair’s grandfather is murdered, she dreams about converting the old Victorian ranch house she inherited into…

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A Groom For Christmas

Felicity Daniel’s father dies, leaving her stranded at Ft. Laramie one-third of the way to homestead 640 acres in the Oregon Territory. She has money and supplies to continue her journey, but a woman alone cannot claim the free land. So, she advertises for a husband. Ben Bonneville’s got massive…

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A Christmas Belle

Amanda Jeffrey, mail-order bride, arrives in the Wild West expecting to wed a cowboy. Frank Calloway, Sheriff of Angel Vale needs a mother for the baby left on his doorstep. But can the delicate Southern belle with the disappointed expression accept a Southern man, rather than a cowboy, after another…

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A Rebel Spy

Danger loving, madcap Sophie Garrett spies for her beloved Confederacy. Flirting her way through Union lines, she gains vital information for General Stonewall Jackson until she is suspected of passing secrets. She’s unable to hoodwink Yankee Major Brent Bartell. Even though his moral and ethical…

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Avoiding The Mistletoe

1865 Desperate Widow Olivia Rose Baker abandons her dying hometown in Massachusetts to become a mail-order bride in male-dominated Seattle, Washington. Her abusive husband died in the Civil War and left Olivia wary of marriage, so she hopes to take a teaching position rather than become a bride. But…

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Lord Bentley Needs A Bride

A Regency. It’s late August, and the heir to the title, Earl of Bentley, faces a dilemma. He must find, persuade, and marry a titled and moneyed English lady before October 30th or he will lose his estates, lands, and finances. So, Bentley, unlearned in the Rules of Love and the intricacies of women’s…

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Spur of the Moment Bride

Spur Of The Moment Bride Heiress Abby Hollister’s Papa demands she stop toying with young men’s hearts and marry within a month or be disinherited. After reading an ad for a mail-order bride in untamed Laramie, Wyoming, Abby makes a list of characteristics she expects for her husband and sets off…

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1925 – What happens in the roaring twenties when a daredevil barnstormer falls in love with a wing-walking flapper threatened by dangerous men who will exploit her? Orphan and wing-walker Gloria needs a job when her boss dies in a barnstorming accident. With no other jobs available, she sweet-talks…

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Keara's Escape (A Spinster Orphan Train Novella) (Volume 1)

KEARA’S ESCAPE – BLURB A spinster on the run from a trumped-up robbery charge finds a position as a Placer Agent on the Orphan Train leaving New York for Cincinnati. The Pinkerton Agent assigned to protect the train falls in love with her, discovers her disguise, and must bring her to justice. Will…

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The California Gold Rush Romance Collection: 9 Stories of Finding Treasures Worth More than Gold

Rush to California after the 1848 gold discovery alongside thousands of hopeful men and women. Meet news reporters, English gentry, miners, morticians, marriage brokers, bankers, fugitives, preachers, imposters, trail guides, map makers, cooks, missionaries, town builders, soiled doves, and more people…

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Angel With Steel Wings: Women of Courage Series

DESPITE THE DANGER At a time when most people in American have never flown in an airplane, spunky Mandy McCabe test-pilots repaired war planes as part of the Women Air Force Service Pilots. If the Army Air Corp shuts down the WASP program, she must return to life in her hard-scrabble home and face her…

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Holly Garden, PI: Red Is for Rookie: Book 1 in Handcuffed in Texas Series (A Holly Garden Mystery ) (Volume 1)

A kidnapping. A ticking clock. Three hot PI’s. A Black Widow kills again. Will Holly’s first case end in disaster? Will the two men in Holly’s life give her too much heat? Motivated by the murky circumstances surrounding her father’s reputation-ruining murder, Holly vows to clear his muddied…

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Marriage By Arrangement

A MARRIAGE COVENANT Why does a handsome, powerful noble of the highest rank in England stoop to marry a mere Lady of Lowland Scotland? A GREAT SECRET Are the whispered stories about him true? With his shadowy past and strange behavior what awful secret does he hide? Each change of clothes transforms…

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A Texas Christmas Mystery

A Lady Coastguardsman searches for a killer. An oil rig troubleshooter accused of murder races to clear his name. The murderer strives to silence them both.

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Masquerade Marriage

A SECRET LIST He was born to a clan of noted warriors and musicians. Yet to protect his loved ones and escape the dark fate of his brothers, he abandons his identity. Hiding from relentless soldiers who want him dead, he vows to protect the woman he loves more than life, more than freedom, more than…

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