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Robin Kim Livingston

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Robin Kim Livingston was born and raised in the mining towns of Northern Ontario in Canada and she comes from a long line of storytellers. After all, a great story is one of the best ways to teach. She has been an avid reader since she first learned to sound out words as a child. She is also a lover of all things historical. One of her favorite things to do is browse in antique markets and imagine the stories behind the items she discovers there. Robin has a keen sense of history. Through the lives and experiences of the characters in her books, she seeks to introduce readers to a relational God who loves them. She started writing Bible-based fiction in the late 1980’s as a way to engage her students in the stories and lessons found in the Old Testament. She published her first novel, Elijah’s Boy, in 2014 under the name R. K. Livingston. Her second novel, A Flame in Goshen, came out in December of 2019.

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A Flame in Goshen

A man grows into his name. But, what if your name means “deliverer”? How can a boy trained as a scribe become a warrior in an army that doesn’t exist? The sad truth is, Hoshea ben Nun, along with all his people, have been slaves in Egypt for generations. Hoshea – a young man burdened by grief…

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Elijah's Boy

It wasn't easy for orphans living in the Samaria of King Ahab and Jezebel, his Queen. For the boy, Nathaniel, survival was what mattered most...until he became the servant of Elijah, the mysterious prophet of Yahweh. It was a dangerous time for anyone who still served the ancient God of the Israelites,…

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