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A Flame in Goshen

By R. K. Livingston


A man grows into his name.
But, what if your name means “deliverer”? How can a boy trained as a scribe become a warrior in an army that doesn’t exist? The sad truth is, Hoshea ben Nun, along with all his people, have been slaves in Egypt for generations.
Hoshea – a young man burdened by grief and a name he believes he can never live up to. Can he survive long enough to learn what he most needs to know?
Miriam – a midwife and sometime prophetess. She saw Hoshea at the head of an Israelite army. Was it a true dream, or just the longing for freedom in an old woman’s heart?
Serah – a childhood friend whose love for Hoshea leads her to step into danger. Will she lose him forever as he struggles to find his destiny?
Moses – an Israelite raised in the courts of Egypt and sent into exile for forty long years. Can his unexpected return be the spark that ignites a flame in Goshen?

Book Takeaway:

When we finally realize that our own strength is not enough, we discover that it is God's strength in us that empowers us to do the things He calls us to. Also, unforgiveness and bitterness can make slaves of us even more surely than the whips and oppression of unscrupulous rulers.

Why the author wrote this book:

I've always been intrigued by the verse in Numbers 11:28 that says Joshua, son of Nun, had been Moses' aide from youth. What would it have been like to live through the events of the Exodus and how would that impact a young man just coming of age? How did the boy called Hoshea which means Deliverer, become Joshua which means God Delivers? What expectations might be attached to a name and how would that shape a young boy's journey? I wanted to explore these themes as well as take a closer look at what it means to be truly free from bondage.


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