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Eric Ferguson

Author Bio:

Hi, I'm Eric Ferguson, a new published author. My religious fiction book called The Adventures of Andrew Dunbar is geared for young adults. I am a first time writer and long time public school teacher. I've primarily taught history for over twenty five years to middle school students. I enjoy reading, hiking, bike riding, and sports. I have a lovely wife named Molly who is also a teacher. We have two great kids who are involved in many activities that keep us busy. I became a writer to put something into the culture with Christian values such as faith and forgiveness.

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The Adventures of Andrew Dunbar

A story filled with excitement and danger. The Adventures of Andrew Dunbar tells of the journey Andrew makes from a young prince to seasoned king. Andrew, a young prince from one of five kingdoms on the island, discovers a secret that will transform his life and the destiny of the kingdom he calls home.…

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