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The Adventures of Andrew Dunbar

By Eric Ferguson


A story filled with excitement and danger. The Adventures of Andrew Dunbar tells of the journey Andrew makes from a young prince to seasoned king. Andrew, a young prince from one of five kingdoms on the island, discovers a secret that will transform his life and the destiny of the kingdom he calls home. He discovers an emerald which grants his kingdom protection and him immense physical strength. Follow Andrew as he battles wild animals, enemy kingdoms, pestilences, and even his own self-doubt. As Andrew grows into the loving King of Dunbar, he is confronted with a horrible event which upends his life and forces him to search for new answers. Can Andrew find the answer he is looking for? Will he be able to unite the five kingdoms before a mysterious invader destroys everything he loves?

Book Takeaway:

I have received many good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book because as a public school teacher I witness what I call the cultural rot of society. Too many students come to school lacking basic skills but more importantly they are missing the foundation of family and faith. I wanted to add something positive to the culture and hopefully inspire young adults to seek out having a relationship with God.


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