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Sheridan Lee

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Sheridan Lee is an Australian writer with a penchant for true-to-life characters who triumph over adversity.

When she isn’t singing along to her favourite Christian artists or watching Hollywood actors named Chris in superhero and Star Trek movies, Sheridan is reading or writing—with at least one of her five daughters lounging on her—and wishing the dirty laundry would clean itself.

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Fractured Mind

he cloying darkness devours like quicksand. Can she handle another earth-shattering change before her failures and traumas sabotage the road ahead? Tara Roberts cruised through life with sass, laughter, and a new daily bedmate before her horrific abduction. Now she’s survived almost three and a half…

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Wounded Soul

Life often derails well-laid plans. Can she achieve her dreams after everything crumbles? Diana Jacobsen’s wanted to be a journalist for as long as she can remember, something she’s certain her deceased mum would have approved. After she secures a brilliant tertiary entrance rank, Diana leaves the…

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Punctured Heart

The perfect life is an illusion. Can she pick up the pieces when it counts? Victoria Burke’s husband breaks her heart when he confesses to an adulterous affair. Then he breaks her face. She knows the damaged parts inside and out will mend over time, but the next soul-crushing tragedy to steamroll…

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