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Fractured Mind

By Sheridan Lee


The oppressive darkness looms. Can she brave another catastrophe before her past sabotages her future?

Tara Roberts once cruised through life with sass, laughter, and a string of one-night stands before a horrific abduction destroyed her world. Following nearly three and a half years of therapy and abstaining from physical relationships, and with her new belief in God, peace reigns until one impulsive decision upends everything.

Insecurity and resurfacing fears threaten to consume her, and she grapples with the weight of her decisions and relentless inner voices. Tara fears her choices may devastate her future and sever the few close relationships she holds dear. Will she lean on God and her loved ones to navigate the minefield ahead, or will the poisonous voice of her nightmares drag her back into the hellish terrors of her past?

Fractured Mind shares the haunting story of a broken young woman mending her life with faith, friendships and timeless hope. Love and forgiveness are the cornerstones of this series set in the captivating world of Tellarine.

Content Disclaimer: This book covers sensitive topics like sexual abuse, abortion, and other mature themes. We suggest readers exercise discretion.

Book Takeaway:

Despite our past decisions or traumas, God can heal you and give hope for tomorrow.

Why the author wrote this book:

I grew up in a Christian home and lived a Jesus-centred life for as long as I can remember, but I’ve several friends who haven’t lived such a life. I wanted to explore the perspective of a “baby Christian” with a dark past and see God redeem her story.


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