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Barbara James

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Barbara James is an Episcopal clergywoman and romance writer.

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Entering the Zone: Helena

Visiting Mrs. Caldwell on Sunday afternoons was one thing. Dealing with Leon, her skeptical grandson, was another. Helena Marshall, a seminary student making regular visits with an elderly parishioner, risks losing her ministry when she falls in love with Leon Huggins, the lady’s skeptical grandson.…

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Smashing the Friend Zone: Natasha

Natasha Evans always thought that she and Austin Caldwell were just friends, but she had no idea what he was really feeling. Austin has been in love with Natasha since they first began studying to become ministers. But she was always preoccupied with dating other guys, until things went downhill with…

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Reaching the End Zone: Suzette (The Seminarians, Book 2)

Suzette didn't expect to get her Mrs. degree. Suzette Nagel never imagined Bobby Sills would show up at the church where she was serving. But there he was, agreeing to take her with him on a road trip from New York City to Virginia for the wedding of her best friend, Ayanna Pagdell, and Bobby’s brother,…

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Getting Out of the Comfort Zone: Ayanna (The Seminarians, Book 1)

Ayanna Pagdell, a young military officer and seminary student, had things all figured out. She was going to take her required unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at her local hospital and go on with her career in ministry. But she wasn’t prepared for the emotional intensity of being confronted with…

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