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Entering the Zone: Helena

By Barbara James


Visiting Mrs. Caldwell on Sunday afternoons was one thing. Dealing with Leon, her skeptical grandson, was another.

Helena Marshall, a seminary student making regular visits with an elderly parishioner, risks losing her ministry when she falls in love with Leon Huggins, the lady’s skeptical grandson.

She was assigned to visit Mrs. Caldwell as part of her ministry training when the sweet woman became homebound and unable to attend services. Helena never imagined that Mrs. Caldwell’s grandson was the cute guy she met when her car broke down, the one who was doubtful about her ministry. The one who was cousins with Austin, a friend from her ministry cohort.

Leon showed up every time she made her visits. Did he really mind that she was training to become a minister?

Join Helena on her journey into life, ministry, and a happily ever after.

Book Takeaway:

Growing in faith, ministry and life in unexpected ways and places.

Why the author wrote this book:

To explore the challenges of ministry and dating that are distinct to Christians.


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