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Joe Bowden

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Dr. Joe A. Bowden Ph.D., is a biochemist, a former university professor, a storyteller, poet, and a technical writer. He is currently settling into semi-retirement. He has produced hundreds of technical documents and reports, edited and published technical books. He has recently published in cookbooks, guidebooks, and anthologies. He has published articles and books for children and has a draft of a middle-grade mystery. As a father and grandfather ‘Papa Joe, Ph.D.’ has a keen sense of mystery and the technical background to make Murder by Stem Cells - The Phoenix Project comes alive within the setting of a research environment.

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Murder by Stem Cells

High profile biotech research has developed strains of adult stem cells which can cure diseased organs and extend life of treated patients. Denver's renowned Rosch Clinic is the world’s leader in the use of human adult stem cells, and has several currently in FDA clinical trials. Simon Augustus Burke…

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