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Murder by Stem Cells

By Joe Bowden


High profile biotech research has developed strains of adult stem cells which can cure diseased organs and extend life of treated patients. Denver's renowned Rosch Clinic is the world’s leader in the use of human adult stem cells, and has several currently in FDA clinical trials.
Simon Augustus Burke III, our antagonist, has plotted a course using stem cells pirated from the Clinic to quietly take control of the western economic system. His diabolic use of corrupted scientists, greed, blackmail and a trail of dead bodies have corrupted both his team and unsuspecting scientists at the Clinic.
Dr. Michael Lancaster, a lead research biochemist for Rosch Clinic, developed several of these adult stem cells strains. Stephanie Huffman’s best friend, Max unexpectedly died during her treatment with his stem cells. Using her position as an investigative TV Journalist, Steff falsely accused the innocent Dr. Lancaster of Max’s wrongful death. After resolving this blow up they agree to work together to understand Max’s death and in so doing are drawn into Burke’s web.
Can the blend of their inquisitive intellects work together and solve Max’s wrongful death? Or, will their strong personalities derail their investigation and they become just two more bodies hidden in Burke’s well-constructed Conspiracy of Silence.

Book Takeaway:

The bonds of friendship can often trump even life it's self when all of the chips are on the table


Year Title Description
2015 Grand Champion Ribbon County fair Language arts division 1st three chapters

Why the author wrote this book:

To show that even a good thing can be used for evil if we let our guard down and not follow our moral compass.


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