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Kathleen Neely

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Kathleen Neely is a former elementary principal. Among her writing accomplishments, her first novel, The Least of These, won first place for fiction in the 2015 Fresh Voices contest through It will be available in May, 2019. She has published numerous devotions through She is a member of ACFW. Kathleen continues to speak with students about writing. She and her husband reside in Greenville South Carolina. She enjoys time with family, travel, and reading.

Books by Author

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In Search of True North

Heartbroken, Mallory Carter leaves home at graduation. She decides to never burden her family with her choices again. Twelve long years of loneliness are comforted only by the homemade telescope she uses to stargaze. Then she receives a call that her sister has died, leaving behind a son, the son Mallory…

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The Least of These

Journalist SCOTT HARRINGTON sets out to write a documentary on the lives of three homeless men. He hopes to win a prestigious award and his father’s respect. In the process, he uncovers stories of heartbreak, trauma, and rejection, causing him to revisit his own tragic past and the guilty secret that…

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Beauty for Ashes

Nathan Drummond’s actions at the age of eighteen had devastating consequences. Writing became therapeutic, leading him into a successful career as a mystery writer. With seven novels to his credit, Nathan is rapidly becoming a household name. Family responsibilities force him to return to his home…

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The Street Singer

Trisha Mills, a student in her final semester of law school, has fond memories of listening to the music of Adaline, a once famous recording artist. She learns that Adaline, now Adda Marsh, is a street singer in Asheville, NC. Adda’s sole means of support in her senior years comes from the donation…

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