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Wild Mint Tea: A Farm Fresh Romance 2

By Valerie Comer


She’s rooted deep. He flies free.

Local-foods chef Claire Halford envisions turning Green Acres Farm into an event destination. Weddings prove trickier than she imagined when the first one comes with a ruggedly handsome brother-of-the-bride, who has everything but a fixed address. Oh, and faith in God.

Noel Kenzie loves the freedom his reforestation company affords him. Why worry about deep stuff like God and commitment when he’s in his prime? Except there’s a woman who might make it worth giving up his wings…and digging in some roots. If he dares.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book, the second book in the Farm Fresh Romance series, to draw attention to local food issues. Also to provide a fun, entertaining story.


"Wild Mint Tea packages true love, page-turning suspense, and an ending that leaves you smiling and hopeful. But what makes this romance special? Its message of love without boundaries."
- Sara on May 12, 2014

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