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An Unexpected Christmas Gift

By Janetta Fudge Messmer


Breanna Snow owns the Snowed Inn B&B outside of Boulder, Colorado. And the city manager, Matthew Jacobson, is irritating the socks off of her. The Go-By-The-Book-Kind-Of-Guy wants to shut her bed and breakfast down. And Bree has no clue why.

But she doesn’t have time for Mr. Jacobson’s nonsense. She’s getting married. However, a tiny hiccup occurs while she’s trying on her wedding dress. It literally turns her world upside down. And to her dismay, the city manager is right in the middle of it.

Will the mortal enemies find a way to work things out before her B&B closes? Or will they die trying? And can a random act of kindness from years ago change her heart to hear the truth?

Book Takeaway:

Not everyone can be trusted, but you can always trust in God's timing.

Why the author wrote this book:

Hubby and I owned a bed and breakfast years ago. Always wanted to set a story at a B&B. Incorportated a situation with the city that added conflict for us the ability to run the business.


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