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Road Trip Rescue

By Becca Wierwille


Twelve-year-old Kimmy trusts dogs more than people.

After all, her dog Bo never made fun of her for having one hand. But two years ago, Bo disappeared.

When Kimmy stumbles across a magazine photo of a dog in upstate New York that looks just like Bo, she knows she has to find him. Her parents seem oddly unsupportive, but pink-haired, adventure-hungry Aunt Skylar agrees to a road trip with a stop in the Adirondacks. Kimmy jumps at the chance to bring her furry family member home.

Unfortunately, Aunt Skylar’s idea of a road trip isn’t the rescue mission Kimmy had in mind.

Book Takeaway:

You are not alone, and you never have been.

Why the author wrote this book:

My goal in writing is to show kids they are wonderfully created for the unique adventures in their lives. In Road Trip Rescue, Kimmy has lots of fun adventures—but her journey gets so much better when she realizes she’s not alone.


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