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The Highlander's Charity

By Z Peabody


The Laird of BlackHaven is one of Scotland’s fiercest and bravest warriors. Teagan lives for God, his clan, and his country, in that order. When an opportunity arose for Teagan and his clan folk to journey across an ocean and a sea to the country of Tad, a country along the Red Sea, to establish a merchant way for his clan and country, Teagan did not hesitate.

While waiting for his audience with the ever-reclusive King of Tad, Teagan tries to enjoy the beauty of this exotic country. Browsing the markets one day, Teagan is come upon by a young thief. When he chases the thief down, Teagan is in for the surprise of his life.

"She stole mi heart, and I dinnae want it back."

Princess Uhisani or Sani, as her family calls her, loves nothing better than to sit in her father’s council meetings, deciding the prosperous future of her people. Tending to the needs of her people is one work that gives Sani great joy. After all, her name means Charity.

When a tall, handsome Scottish Laird boldly walks into her father’s council room with an offer that she can’t refuse, Sani knows right then and there that her destiny is tied to this Scottish Laird.


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